Did You Know that Healing Your Inner Child is the Key to Lasting Relationships, Successful Business Ventures, and Long Term Health & Happiness?

  Our inner child is our earliest wiring in our mind and our body and we make the majority of our adult decisions in life from that place!

Hello Friend, 

Did you know that your inner child is behind the scenes running your life and the core reason why you continuously find yourself stuck in the same vicious cycle of self-sabotaging? Your childhood stories create your present life and those stories impact the way you engage in relationships with others, with money, with food, and with so many other unhealthy vices. 

I am Noah Rothschild LMFT and I know all too well what it’s like to grow into adulthood ready to embark on a prosperous career and excited to seek out loving relationships, only to have each one of them fall apart time and time again due to unconscious self-sabotaging patterns. 

I want you to know that you can heal this cycle for good.

I grew up believing I was the victim in every challenge or defeat I faced. I could never figure out why I routinely created the same self-sabotaging patterns. As if the adoption wasn’t difficult enough, my parents divorced when I was five and then at seven I was hit by a car. Getting bullied at school was part of the daily routine. By the time I reached early adolescence, I didn’t feel I could ever get close to anyone ever again. I was too fearful they would hurt me or leave me so I kept a safe distance from everyone. This is the survival dance called “not too close not too far away” and I knew it all too well. It keeps you isolated and alone and stuck in mediocrity. No one could hurt me if I stayed alone or didn’t fully show up and commit.

During high school I decided to take a risk once again and get into a new relationship. I thought I’d discovered the love of my life. She was my high school sweetheart and I was smitten. Throughout the years we dated I continued the pattern of the “not to close not to far away dance” and I found myself once again with the same outcome. 

As we were both preparing for college I suddenly lost touch with my girlfriend and I frantically tried to reach her to no avail only to discover she had moved on to another relationship. I became hopeless and began abusing substances. I continuously beat myself up contemplating suicide and became reckless and full of despair. It was at this point that my parents put me into therapy and it wasn’t long before that therapist dropped me from their practice and sent me to another therapist. I felt abandoned all over again. I grew tired of watching this play out in my own life and I was determined to figure out how to heal from the adoption trauma that seemingly followed me everywhere I went. I was convinced that everytime something good happened in my life, something bad would always follow suit. My victimhood became a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

My Aha Moment 

I was constantly setting myself up to try and fix or right what went wrong in my childhood. This showed up in every area of my life. Little did I know that the therapist releasing me from their practice would open the door to the next therapist who lovingly helped me to heal my inner child. It was during that season that I realized that everything in life happens for my highest and best good. Once I understood that I had the power to change the patterns that weren’t serving me, healing my childhood wounds became my life mission.

The Turning Point  

It was at this point that everything began to transform for me. I went from a college failure to a top student. My previous short-lived relationships transformed by me letting my guard down and getting closer to people. AND best of all, I opened up the energetic pathways to find my biological mother and entire birth family. I went through a deep spiritual awakening that completely shifted my life and everyone began noticing the changes in me! I took all of this newfound passion and decided to switch my major in college to psychology and the rest was history. I met the love of my life and have been married for sixteen years with two beautiful children. For over twenty years now I have been helping individuals and families release their past and reclaim their inner child so they can create a powerful new story! I know you can have this too!

Why Am I Offering This Program Now?  

As an adoptee myself, I have a sensitivity to healing early abandonment and loss issues. This is the reason I have dedicated my life to helping my clients heal their inner child and live their best most abundant life possible. 

Up until now, my transformative healing methods have only been available exclusively through addiction centers and via my private practice. After years of juggling waiting lists and having to turn down clients due to a maxed schedule, I decided it was time to make the Heal the Child Within process available to people just like you who are ready to thrive in all areas of their lives!

I have decided to offer this work in a private virtual group program. The best news is, the results are quicker and are easier to integrate than spending years in talk therapy. 

It’s my belief that with the right support, everyone has the capacity to show up and transform their life. It would be my sincere honor to hold space for your healing transformation to take place so you can experience joy and abundance in all areas of your life!

This is your invitation to thrive! 

How Do I Know This Program is For Me?

Ask Yourself These Questions: 

  • Do you have a hard time being alone?
  • ​Do you struggle with chronic emptiness? 
  • ​Do you struggle with anxiety or panic attacks? 
  • ​Do you find you are always overcompensating and people pleasing?
  • ​Do you often get fired up at the start of something new but begin to fizzle out towards the middle or end of the process?
  • ​Do you find yourself leaving relationships prematurely so you can avoid being left?
  • ​Do you find yourself addicted to work, food, love or any other unhealthy vice? 
  • ​Are you constantly trying to rescue people from their own challenges?
  • ​Does your life continue to reflect the same movie script over and over just with different characters? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions this program is for you!

What is Heal the Child Within? 

Heal the Child Within is a 7-week virtual group coaching program to help you identify and rewire childhood wounds and traumas. In this program, I will hold space for you as you discover how your childhood stories create your present life. You’ll learn how to go from merely surviving to completely thriving. In a safe and supportive environment, this powerful program will allow you to heal and fully reclaim your inner child so you can live joyfully and freely. 

My unique approach is evidenced based and holistic. I combine Cognitive Behavioral, Inner Child/Reparenting, Psychodynamic, Somatic, Gestalt, and Attachment Therapies that work on many levels and create lasting change. I offer transformational tools, techniques, and strategies to remove emotional and mental blocks. With compassion and direction, we work together to identify and change stuck patterns that have been governing your life.

If You Desire 

Lasting Relationships

Career Bliss

 Financial Prosperity

 Health & Happiness

And to free your own family once and for all from the trauma that keeps getting passed down to each generation…this program is for you!

Noah's Client Results

Elizabeth St. Germain 
Creator and Founder of the Living in Love Collective

"Heal the Child Within laid a new foundation for me. Noah shared concepts that I was previously exposed to, but in a language that I had not yet heard. His powerful loving presence, breathwork techniques and command of the material are elements that have taken my work to a whole new level and keys that opened places within I had not touched yet were necessary awakenings to liberate more of my inner-child essence." 

Bill McCullough 

"This extraordinary program in an intimate, safe and supportive setting is a journey of exploration and discovery into the very core of what many of us have found lacking in our lives – that sense of joy and wonder and play that we were all born with. As an adoptee, I have always carried with me a sense of loss, an emptiness and profound sadness that has held me back from realizing my hopes and dreams in life. Noah’s sensitive and healing approach has helped me to go deep within myself and discover my core self and inner strength that I never knew was there."

Kristi Reed Comstock

"Heal the Child Within has been eye opening and life changing for me! Through Noah’s detailed explanations, expertise, guided meditations and breathwork I was able to reconnect to who I truly am and I was able to work through and heal old trauma that had occurred through the years."
"If you’re feeling stuck and you want to move forward with your life, you’ve come to the right place."

7 - Week Online Course

What's Included?

7 - Weeks of Group Coaching in Private Member's Portal

Course Curriculum 

Over 20 hours of Online Coaching with Noah Rothschild

Private Facebook Community with Accountability Partnering 

LIVE Weekly Interactive Sessions with Heal the Child Within Mentors


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When do we start?
The Heal The Child Within program starts Monday, November 7th at 5:30 PT and 8:30 ET.
What if I miss a week?
No problem! All live sessions are recorded and you can receive support from Team Heal the Child Within  inside the Facebook group.
Can I do this program at my own pace?
Most certainly! We recommend staying with the pace of the group so you can receive support and accountability in real-time, but if it works better for you to do in your time, that's great too!
Do you offer refunds if I decide not to stay in the program?
No. All benefits begin as soon as you enroll in the program. Embarking on this journey requires dedication and fortitude to see this process through.
What if I cannot participate in any of the activities for health reasons?
Please send an email to healthechildwithinteam@gmail.com so we can better address your concerns.
Will I be working directly with Noah?
No. Noah will be  offering VIP group coaching at the conclusion of each week's class for those who desire to get more in depth support.

* For any questions regarding the program contact us at healthechildwithinteam@gmail.com

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